The author of the FAQ wishes to extend this thanks to the following contributors (please mail me if you feel you were left out or if you don't want to be mentioned for any reason):


Duncan Campbell (Radio Shack Optimus DCT2000 recorder)


Waling Tiersma (EPP printer ports, DCC.SYS, PC-link cable)


Howard "Po-Yueh" Chiang (DCC recorders)


Monique Verbeek from Philips Sound & Vision (PASC page)


Kees Haasnoot for providing a rewrite to the PASC to MPEG converter (Sorry it took a year to do something with it, and sorry for not putting your version online but your help was greatly appreciated!)


Franc Zijderveld (Philips Digital Systems Laboratories, Audio Coding Group) for answering Kees’ questions about the difference between PASC and MPEG

Last updated: 25-Nov-2003.
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