Home and portable DCC recorders and players are no longer produced. However, some recorders that are "in the pipeline" may still be available. The list below is probably not complete. If anyone has anything important to add (preferably with pictures), don't hesitate to contact me.

The last generation of Philips recorders
DCC-951, stationary recorder (43cm wide) meant for use in Philips' top line of audio equipment: the "900-series". Developed in Hasselt, Belgium.
DCC-730, stationary recorder (43cm wide) with generic design meant for use in Philips' sub-top line, the "700 series", or in racks of other brands. Internally the same as the 951, except it doesn't have ESI remote control bus connectors.
DCC-134, portable player, developed by Marantz
DCC-170, portable recorder, developed by Marantz
Click here for picture DCC175, portable recorder, can be connected to a PC's parallel port with the DCC-link cable. Only sold in The Netherlands. It looks very similar to the DCC-170 but internally it is very different.
Click here for picture FW-68, a mini system with a DCC deck. Not much info on this one; does it have two DCC decks or one analog and one DCC, and can both decks record?
Click here for picture DCC-822/DCC-824 car systems (playback only). The 822 is the same as the 824, but the 824 includes the (wired) remote control. There also is a DCC-850 car system - it is not clear which was first. All DCC car stereos can be connected to a CD changer with a "D2B" connector
Earlier Philips recorders
Picture not online yet DCC-900: The first DCC recorder. It looks similar to the 950 but doesn't have any text editing capabilities. It does however have a timer switch, decent VU meters (?) and an analog recording level control.
Picture not online yet DCC-130: The first portable DCC (player only)
Picture not online yet DCC-600: a stationary recorder with a generic design to fit in existing stereo systems, with a tray in which the cassette had to be laid sideways (cool!). The controls are similar to the 730, but it can't edit text.
Other brands
Click here for picture Marantz PMD-601 professional portable DCC recorder. I've never seen one for real, but the specs say it runs 10 hours on a battery load and has some professional features; As far as I can tell from the picture, it's a DCC-170 plus some extras. It was available after the official demise of DCC but I don't know if it still is.
no picture The Optimus DC-2000 from Radio Shack was quite popular in the USA. For more information, see the DCC-L homepage
Picture not online yet Grundig had a DCC recorder, introduced simultaneously with the DCC-900; this one also had a sideways tray.
no picture Matsushita also made a DCC recorder but I've never seen it.

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