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About The DCC-FAQ

Who makes the DCC-FAQ?

Where did I get the info?

Changes since the previous version

Legal stuff

Interesting other places to visit

The DCC Format

The history of home digital audio recording

Advantages of DCC

Drawbacks of DCC

The future of DCC


What is PASC? How does it work?

How does PASC affect sound quality?

How much does PASC degrade sound quality after several generations of copying?

Does PASC degrade sound quality when I use my DCC recorder as A/D converter or D/A converter?


What is SCMS?

Can I buy a DCC deck without SCMS?

Is there a way to defeat SCMS?


The last generation of Philips recorders

Earlier Philips recorders

Other brands


Is pre-recorded software available for DCC?

What are the advantages of pre-recorded DCC software?

Can I record "pre-recorded" software on my own deck?

Is it possible to use analog tapes as DCC tapes?

Are there any cleaning tapes?

DCC Compared to Other Systems


CD-digital audio and CD-R/CD-RW

DAT tape


Analog Compact Cassette

Connecting a DCC recorder

What is the best way to connect a DCC recorder to other digital equipment?

Can I connect a DCC recorder to my computer?

What hardware do I need to hook up the DCC-175 to my computer?

Is it possible to build a PC-link cable myself?

How does DCC compare as a backup-storage medium to other formats?

What are the audio editing capabilities of the DCC-175?

Can I play DCC-files recorded to harddisk without the recorder attached?

Can I record DCC-files to harddisk without the recorder attached?

Can I connect a Macintosh to a DCC deck?


Who helped making the DCC-FAQ?

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